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You're often told you’ve got to have your whole life together.  But what if you don’t?  Or what if you've already started #adulting, and now you’re trying to figure out how to handle life, college, career, and kids; or how to handle the questions your kids ask about life when you don't have all the answers for your own life?  What if you feel lost in life; like where you thought you’d be is so far from where you are right now

It turns out, we have a lot of big questions… the “What is the meaning of life” kinds of questions.  You know, the questions that keep you up at night wondering if anyone else feels the same way.  Questions like, “How do you even become a real-life, functioning adult,” “How do you find the friends and figure out what to even do with your life” or, “How do I even begin to answer that question my kid just asked?”


Collective is a life group where we can come together and ask these questions, where we can learn from each other and share with each other, and where we can grow from our collective experiences, and with God's Word and relevant relationships, figure it out together.

We are a collective group of adults, and families with and without children, doing life together; seeking to make a collective difference with our collective influence.  We'd love for you to come and join us as we face the Christian life in a carnal culture!

Our Identity in Christ

What does “identity in Christ” even mean? How do we figure out who we really are and how that affects the person we’re becoming. We often define our lives by the big moments. But most of our lives consist of ordinary chapters. They may not feel significant, but ultimately change everything. If there is anything that is constant it's change. And yet, day by day, what we do is what we become. Thus, the content of our identity lies in our choices. 

Life Leadership

The church must be dedicated to raising generations of leaders who are passionate about advancing God’s kingdom and making a difference in the church, culture and one's own life and spiritual growth.

People are always going to follow something or someone - be it good (1 Cor 11:1) or bad (Exo 23:2). Spiritual leadership offers something "good and right" to follow (2 Thess 3:7-9). True leadership is not about who you are, it's about what you do. A true leader always learns to be a good follower and good servant.

Purposeful Living

What am I supposed to be doing with my life as a professing believer, and how do my relationships affect it?

It can be difficult to maintain our spiritual purpose when under life's pressure. It's important to find hope and encouragement when struggling to live in the midst of a hostile and carnal culture. Daniel and his companions show us how to resist the attacks of a culture trying to strip you of your purpose in Christ and make you over in its image.

Stress and Stability

“I’m stressed” seems to be a pretty standard greeting these days. And if we’re honest, we can often use our stress as a source of pride. Saying we’re stressed can make us feel important because even though we may not like the feeling stress gives us, we like the status boost it brings. But what if we could stop stressing out all the time and start actually enjoying our life? We can, but it’ll take changing our perspective and redefining our normal. In our fast-paced culture, stress is seen as the norm.  We assume successful people are stressed people, so we strive harder. Stressed-out, maxed-out lives are not what God has in mind for us.

Faith and Family

We want our family to enjoy peace, happiness, and contentment, but so often we stumble through our most important relationships. Let's discover family-altering qualities as we ask God to bless our homes and family. 

Divine Direction

Ever wish you could know you’re making the right decision? it really helps to have a little clarity, right?  God's not finished with our life story. What will we do with the blank pages? The choices we make today will lead us one way or another—but when we know who to trust, we'll always be headed in the Divine Direction. 


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